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Why Online Is Better

Studies have shown that most students do BETTER with online courses for a variety of reasons...

  • You learn more if you study when it's convenient for you.

  • Studying at your own pace relieves stress and puts you in control.

  • You'll actually enjoy learning with interactive lessons, not boring texts.

  • Taking breaks helps you retain more information

Fun & Easy To Do

If you're looking for an easy way to fulfill a court requirement, dismiss a traffic ticket, remove points from a driving record, or earn an insurance discount in your state, Online Defensive Driving US is a great place to start. Our proven track record will guarantee your success and help you meet all your defensive driving needs.

  • Convenient, flexible online courses
  • Short concise chapters
  • Entertaining animations and graphics

Our courses are so easy to follow, you'll breeze right through your lessons and complete your defensive driving requirements with ease!


Study At Your Own Pace

One learning style does not fit all. These professionally-designed online defensive driving courses were created to offer flexibility to ensure your success. You're not locked into someone else's schedule, or forced to keep pace with other students. You can log in at your convenience, learn at your own pace, and complete your course in a way that guarantees your success.

  • Tackle one lesson or chapter at a time
  • Rewind and review material to help you learn
  • Your place is always saved whenever you log out


Start & Stop As Often As You Want

Completing an Internet-based defensive driving or Driver's Ed course in one sitting may be possible, but it's not always convenient. With the unique "memory recall" built into the courses offered by Online Defensive Driving, you have the ability to fit your study time into your schedule.

  • Log in and log out any time you like
  • Never feel rushed or stressed
  • Retakes available for most quizzes and tests
Other Courses & Products We Provide
Mature Driver Course

Save money on your insurance for up to 3 years out if you qualify for the minimum age requirement, and if a discount is available for completing a course in your state.

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  • Approved In The Following States
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Our Track Record
  • Convenient To Do
  • Become a Defensive Driver
  • Benefits of Studying Online

Our Online Defensive Driving courses are approved in the following states:

In states not listed - we are often approved on a case by case basis. Simply, call your court and tell them you're taking our course and ask for approval. More often than not, you'll get it.

Defensive Driving School

We are specialized in providing the best, most educational online drivers training and educational courses in the industry. From Online Defensive Driving Courses to Teen Drivers Education, we offer a hassle-free experience that is second to none. We value your time and have created online courses that are easy to do, simple to take, and designed for your busy lifestyle.

Convenient To Do Since It Fits Your Schedule

Because our course is 100% online, you can study wherever you find a computer connected to the Internet. Morning, noon or night, our Defensive Driving Online Course is online and ready for you. And there's never any software to download or hardware to buy.

Study At Your Own Pace

Our Online School Courses were designed by professional online/Internet educators who understand that everyone learns differently. Some zip right through a course, others take their time. That's why our Courses are broken into short chapters that focus on one lesson at a time. So you can study according to your individual needs and learning style.

Money Back Guarantee

We also offer a money-back guarantee! We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our Online Defensive Driving Course. If you're unhappy, for any reason, all you need to do is contact us at 1-800-990-2813 to request your refund. In order to receive a refund, you must contact us within 30 days of registering for the course, and before you take the final exam. An $8 processing fee will be applied. We do not offer a money-back guarantee with our DMV Practice Test Packages.

Affordability You Deserve

The price remains so low for these courses because everyone deserves an affordable way to get rid of traffic tickets. The price includes everything you need from beginning to end too.

Fun Course Format

Every unit in this driver safety courses has graphics, animations, videos, and audio clips to make sure that you have fun and are never bored with tons of reading. At the close of every unit is a short multiple-choice quiz, so you get an opportunity to review all the material.

Friendly Customer Support

And if you have any questions about our State/DMV/Court-approved courses, give us a call. Our Customer Support team is available 7 days a week. Call or email us - we're ready to help. (And on average, all our calls are answered within 45 seconds so you can rest assured, your call will be answered promptly.)

What's Included?

The low driver safety course online price includes all the processing fees and shipping costs for your completion certificate, a money-back guarantee, award-winning course material loaded with fun, and customer support team for all your needs.

Guaranteed To Pass

You can take the final exam an unlimited amount of times, so you're guaranteed to pass the online drivers defense course.

Join The Other 1,500,000 Satisfied Customers

Take our Defensive Driving Course from the comfort of home. These online courses contain streaming videos and animations that will make your experience both educational and entertaining. Our courses teach all drivers to be very cautious and maintain an awareness of the current rules of the road, and the latest techniques in vehicle maintenance.

Discover for yourself the benefits of doing our Online courses! Sign up today and get started with your ticket dismissal or drivers education completion.

Easy and Fun To Do

Our Defensive Driving courses are also fun to do. Our short, concise chapters feature simple, easy to read text-based lessons and informative animations that make the coursework fun. Teaching both rules of the road as well as safe driving tips and techniques, you'll breeze right through our course enjoying and learning every step of the way.


Become a Defensive Driver

The most effective way to neutralize risk on the roads and to maintain our own composure is to take a defensive driving course. These courses not only brush you up on your basic driving skills and good habits; they also help you recognize dangerous situations, and give you the tools you need to prevent harm to yourself, your passengers, and other drivers.

You learn to become more aware of other drivers on the roads, how to give yourself cushion room for reaction times, ways to be a generous driver, and how to predict and react to environmental factors. These skills become second nature in a responsible driver, and more often than not, are the reasons that so many accidents are prevented each year.

You’re In Charge

Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course means you get to decided when and where to study. Forget about the hassles of trying to find a classroom course that will fit into your schedule – our Defensive Driving Course is available to you online 24/7. And, since you can log in and out at any point during the course, it’s really easy to find the time to take it! Defensive driving class online doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

Save Time and Money

By taking our Defensive Driving School course online you’re saving yourself tons of time because you’re eliminating the commute to and from a classroom course. Plus, you won’t have to rearrange your schedule or change your plans to take our course because you can take it from the comfort of your home, whenever you want. And, you can’t beat our low prices! Our course is the easy, affordable, hassle-free alternative to classroom.

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