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California Defensive Driving

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Our courses are designed by professional educators who know what it takes to make a course convenient to do and simple to pass.

Our courses feature:
  • state of the art animations
  • easy to understand lessons
  • short, multiple-choice

so you’ll find yourself flying through the course, and be done before you know it.

Without the hassle of having to attend a classroom!

We are always ready to help.
Online California Defensive Driving
California Court-Licensed
  • Study from any computer – no classrooms
  • Adjust your course to your schedule
  • Affordable course and delivery costs
  • Self-paced and pressure-free

Simple, Fast, and Fun

Take advantage of complete flexibility without any hassle by completing your California traffic school online! Learn essential defensive driving techniques while keeping pesky traffic tickets off your public driving record, all from the comfort of your own home. You don't need anything for this course but a computer, an Internet connection, and as much time as you're able to give.

Work When You Want To

There’s no instructor giving you deadlines when you take a self-paced online traffic school in California. Instead, you can study at whatever speed you want, and work on your course when you find the time. No need to spend an entire Saturday sitting in a classroom when you can work on your course a little bit at a time, whenever you want! You have complete control over how and when you study, and you can leave your free time open to doing the things that YOU want to do. Plus, you’ll save time and money when you’re not driving to and from a classroom!

State-Licensed for You

Our online California traffic school meets every state requirement for a court-ordered driving course, and satisfies the 8-hour time limit… but you can split those hours up into as many sessions as you want! Log in and out as many times as you like – we’ll always save your place for when you get back.

Technology Will Teach You Better

It’s been proven that you learn faster and more efficiently when you have visual reinforcements. So our California Defensive Driving course includes videos, animations, multiple-choice quizzes, graphics, and more, so you’ll always have something to engage your attention and help you retain your information. You’ll never need to read through another textbook again!

A Breeze to Pass!

We've made our course so easy, you'll have no problem passing your final exam (especially since you only need a 70%!). But just in case, you also get a FREE RETAKE to ensure you achieve success. The entire test is made up of multiple-choice questions pulled directly from the course material, so there will be no surprises once you get there.

You’re Just a Step Away

Mask that ticket in no time, right from home, with a simple online course just for you. Register today!

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