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Florida Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Florida Defensive Driving

4-hr BDI Course
Added Benefits

AudioAudio Upgrade – enables you to listen to our course as well.

Other Approved Courses
8-hr Traffic School- $60
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This Florida Traffic School Online course is for those who have received a second offense traffic ticket in Florida State and have been referred by their court to take a longer course.

12-Hour ADI Course- $83.95
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Complete this course if you have had your license suspended or revoked in Florida and are required to complete an advance driver improvement course for reinstatement.

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* Plus $5.00 Required State & Processing Fee
Florida DHSMV Approved
Florida Defensive Driving Online
  • Erase your traffic ticket from your computer
  • Set your own convenient schedule
  • Self-paced for stress-free learning
  • Access your course 24/7
  • Videos, audio, and animations

Convenience Made for You

Set your own schedule and determine your own pace with a Florida traffic school that is 100% online! You can dismiss your ticket, reduce points, and qualify for insurance reductions without ever visiting a classroom or interfering in your daily schedule. Work when you want, how you want, on your own terms, for the affordable price you deserve.

Choose Your Course

We have 3 convenient courses for Florida traffic ticket dismissal:

  • The 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) will help drivers who need to dismiss a minor ticket, reduce points from their license, or wish to qualify for an insurance discount
  • Our 8-Hour Florida Traffic School is for second-offense drivers who have been court-referred to take a longer course
  • A 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course is for offenders whose license has been revoked or suspended, and must complete an advanced course for reinstatement

Fast or Slow? Up to You!

You can finish your Florida defensive driving course in one or two sittings, or you can spread it out over a few weeks and work a little bit at a time. With online Florida traffic ticket dismissal, there’s no set structure that you need to follow. Instead, you work at your own pace, and complete your course at whatever speed you’re comfortable with.

Better Learning Tools

Watch videos, interact with animations and graphics, and listen to audio clips for an easier learning experience that teaches you faster and more efficiently. This isn’t just another boring text-driven course – this is advanced technology designed by experts in online and traffic instruction, creating a course that teaches you lifelong responsible driving skills. Your final exam even includes free retakes, so you’re guaranteed to pass!

We’ll Help You Save

In addition to our low-cost courses, we offer free shipping for your Certificate of Completion, and there are absolutely no hidden fees involved. In fact, we guarantee our quality and your satisfaction, and we will offer you a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with our course in any way.

Take the Online Advantage

Give yourself a break, and choose a Florida defensive driving online course that works for you. Register today!

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