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Kansas Online Defensive Driving

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Kansas Defensive Driving Course
  • Lower your insurance rates from home
  • Study where you want, when you want
  • Unlimited access from any computer
  • Self-paced – no deadlines or pressure
  • Easy, entertaining, and affordable
  • Guaranteed to pass!

Skip the Hassle and Go Online

You don’t need to sit in a classroom to earn your Kansas insurance discount, or dismiss your traffic ticket! You can meet every requirement simply by staying home on your computer, studying when you want to – which makes your life a whole lot easier.

Approved to Meet Your Needs

Our online Defensive Driving Kansas course is state-approved by the Kansas Department of Insurance to qualify you for a 3-year reduction on your auto insurance. You can also take this course as a court-ordered Kansas defensive driving course to erase your traffic citation. It’s the easy, affordable, at-home way to save yourself some cash without any hassle.

It’s Never Been Easier

All you need for your Kansas Insurance Discount Course is a computer with an internet connection, and a few minutes to spare. That’s it! With this online course, you only study when you find the time, and you’ll never need to rearrange your schedule.

  • Log in or out 24 hours a day
  • Work when it’s convenient for you
  • Set your personally comfortable speed
  • 100% online – no textbooks
  • Never miss a deadline

With the flexibility offered by your online Kansas defensive driving course, you can come and go as you please, and work at a pace that won’t stress you out or cause you any inconvenience.

Simple and Straightforward

The Kansas Insurance Discount course refreshes your memory on Kansas road signs and traffic laws, and equips you with essential defensive driving skills to keep you safe on the roads. Each of the short, subject-based chapters is expertly-designed to teach you faster and make it fun!

  • Watch engaging videos and animations
  • Listen to helpful audio tracks
  • Learn through specific visuals and 3D graphics

Your multiple-choice final exam is taken directly out of the course material, and you get unlimited attempts to pass! That means you are guaranteed to complete your course and earn a Kansas insurance discount!

Get Your Certificate Fast

We process your Certificate of Completion the same day you pass your course, and we’ll send it directly to you for free! If you need it even faster, you can choose from our low-priced express delivery options to get it on your doorstep in record time.

So what are you waiting for? Begin your easy and affordable Kansas Defensive Driving course today!