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Missouri Defensive Driving Course
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Missouri Driver Improvement

If you received a traffic ticket in Missouri, you should know that you should expect to have points assessed to your license. This can cause a lot of problems, ranging from increased insurance rates to making it more difficult to get a job that requires you to drive. However, there is good news if you find yourself in this situation, as you can take a Missouri Driver Improvement course and prevent the points from appearing. Here are three good reasons why Missouri drivers ought to take a traffic school course when they receive a ticket.

Courses Available
  • Missouri Driver Improvement Course:
    Complete this 8-hour online program if you have received a traffic citation while driving in Missouri and have been referred by the court to complete a driver improvement course.

Learn Missouri Driving Laws

The best way to avoid getting tickets is to know the law. When you know exactly what the state of Missouri prohibits, you have an easier time staying away from driving activities that might get you pulled over. Thatís why you will learn a plethora of Missouri traffic laws in your Missouri defensive driving course. With a lot of good driving legal knowledge under your belt, you will know what to do to avoid another ticket.

Avoid Points From Being Assessed

Make sure you donít have to deal with points on your license by taking a Missouri traffic school promptly. The course will clear any points that might have been assessed as a result of the ticket and prevent your insurance rates from spiking up. It can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Learn Defensive Driving Techniques

There are techniques that any driver can use to make their experience while driving a whole lot safer. But a lot of drivers donít use them because they donít know about them, or otherwise they simply forgot them since they last took driverís ed. A Missouri driver improvement course will help you re learn all of those safety defensive driving techniques online that are so important to safe driving. You will learn techniques like the 3 second rule, how to effectively scan the road for danger, and other techniques to keep your safe.

Final Examination

There is a 50-question final exam on the course material. Every student needs to score 80% or higher in order to clear this last requirement of the course. If you need to retake the exam, there is no extra charge.

Completion Certificate

The certificate of completion will be in the mail within one day of course completion! Choose from free regular delivery or low-cost express delivery. Thanks for choosing this program.