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New Jersey Point Reduction


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Defensive Driving
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New Jersey Point Reduction
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New Jersey Defensive Driving

If you hate paying overpriced insurance rates or you want to get a few points knocked off of your driver’s license, then you should look seriously into a New Jersey defensive driving course. They are easy to take, completely online, and they can do wonders for your drivers record. Here’s why any driver in New Jersey with points on their license should look into taking a New Jersey point reduction course.

Learn New Jersey Traffic Law

The laws in New Jersey are a little bit different than the traffic laws everywhere else. With that in mind, it pays to make sure that you are familiar with the laws on the books in New Jersey. You will be a better informed driver, and you will have a much easier time avoiding tickets. A defensive driving course NJ should teach you the most important traffic laws drivers should know to stay away from getting another ticket.

Point Reduction and/or Insurance Rate Reduction

By completing this course, you can have two points taken off of your driver's license. That be a big help if you are looking to receive a reduction in your auto insurance rates, want to get a job that involves driving, or you are close to the maximum number of points you are allowed to have before your license is suspended.

This course may also qualify you to have your insurance rates reduced. Some insurance companies give a discount to drivers who take a New Jersey defensive driving course, so call your insurance carrier to see if they offer such a program.

Learn Defensive Driving Tips

It is the responsibility of every driver to make sure that they do everything in their power to avoid dangerous situations. And they do that by using defensive driving techniques. These are special methods that all drivers should know in order to assess and avoid common dangers on the road. With a defensive driving course online, you will learn lots of ways to stay safe while driving.

Final Examination

The final exam is 25 questions on the material that you will have been studying in the course. A passing score is 80% or higher, but retakes are free and unlimited if you are unable to pass on the first try. This is the final requirement for course.

Completion Certificate

After the final exam, we will process your certificate and send it out within one business day. Choose your delivery method and have your NJ Defensive Driving Course Online Certificate of Completion on time.