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New York Defensive Driving

New York PIRP Course

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  • 3 year, 10% Reduction on your auto insurance!
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New York Defensive Driving Course

That state of New York has decided to make life a whole lot easier for people who have too many points on their record through the help of a NY defensive driving course. This course teaches you the basics of safe driving, and it can help reduce points on your driving record and reduce your insurance rates. Here are a few reasons why you should take a New York PIRP Course.

Reduce Points

By taking this course, you can get four points reduced on your driver record. That be a massive help if you are dealing with high insurance rates because of previous violations or you hope to get a job that involves driving. Many employers look at your driving record to see if you are a responsible driver, and having fewer points on your driving record can increase your odds of getting hired.

Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Additionally, simply by taking this course you can reduce your insurance payments by a full 10%. All insurance providers who offer coverage in the state of New York must adhere to the program, so all New York drivers are eligible. You can retake the course every three years in order to maintain the discount. That can save you thousands of dollars over the course of several years.

Learn Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is the most important thing that you will learn in your online defensive driving New York course. These techniques teach you how to scan the road for hazards and how to avoid them. Simple tricks like always making sure you place sufficient space in between you and the car in front of you or scanning the road can help prevent accidents.

Learn New York Traffic Laws

Do you know New York driving laws and how they differ from other states? A good NY defensive driving course will teach you the most frequently violated laws on the books. That won’t just be helpful in preventing you from getting another ticket, it will also keep you a lot safer while you are driving.

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