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North Carolina Driving Safety


North Carolina Defensive Driving Course

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North Carolina Defensive Driving Course

North Carolina Driving Safety

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North Carolina Traffic School

If you have received a ticket, you may not have to worry about paying the full fine or even having the ticket on your driver record. Many violations are eligible to either be dismissed or have the fine reduced with the help of a North Carolina traffic school. Here are some of the ways that a North Carolina traffic school can help you.

Learn Defensive Driving

The most important safety device in your car is you. When you know exactly what the most common hazards are on the road, you can effectively avoid them and make sure that you donít make the kind of mistakes that lead to accidents. Your North Carolina defensive driving course will refresh on you on all the techniques that you learned when you first took drivers ed.

Dismiss a Ticket or Reduce Fines

This is the primary reason that most people take a North Carolina. They want to be able to dismiss their traffic ticket or reduce the fine of a traffic ticket that they have already received. If you donít whether or not you are eligible, you should check with the court that issued the citation.

Dismissing a ticket can be a major benefit because it helps keep your driver record clear and prevents your insurance company from seeing the violation. And when they donít have a record of you committing the violation, it wonít factor into how they determine your auto insurance rates. That can reduce your car insurance rates in the long run.

Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates

Taking a defensive driving course can also cut down on your insurance rates. Not all auto insurance companies offer this program, but for the ones that do, it can lead to big savings. Check with your auto insurance company to see if they offer a discount to drivers who take a North Carolina driving safety course. Depending upon what policies your insurance company has in place you could save up to 10%.

Final Examination

The program requires each student to pass a final exam on the material. The exam is 25 questions that are taken from the course material. If you need more than one attempt to score 80% or higher and pass the final exam, you can try as many times as you need to at no extra cost.

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The certificate of completion will be processed the same day as exam completion and sent to the student. Regular delivery is free and we offer impressive, low-cost express delivery too. We will help you get the benefits you are looking for. Thanks for studying with us!

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