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Voluntary VA Driver Improvement Course

Driver Improvement Course
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This gives you the freedom you need to go about your daily routine, but still be able to remove traffic tickets from your driving record at the same time. This course is approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, so it meets all of the requirements that are necessary for you to clean up your driving record, erase any unwanted traffic tickets you have received, or just to get 5 safe driving points added to your record.

Courses Available
  • Virginia Driver Improvement Course - Get 5 Safe Driving Points $34.95
    This Virginia safe driving point's course is for anyone who is voluntarily taking this course receive 5 safe driving points for their record.

Virginia 5 Safe Driving Points Course Online Now!

Traffic tickets are the worst, but being able to take an online course to get rid of them makes things a whole lot easier. This voluntary Virginia driver improvement course is entirely online, so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection.

Erase your tickets today! It's really that easy; just log online, register, and you can get started on your voluntary VA driver improvement course that very same day. The Virginia 5 safe driving points course consists of eight units and each one covers a different driver-related issue. There are short review quizzes at the end of each unit to help you review what you have just learned and you can take them as many times as you need.

Each unit is loaded with entertaining multimedia features to make sure you have some along the way. There is a multiple-choice final exam at the end of the course, but don't worry because every question is taken directly from the course material.

We process your certificate of completion the very same day that you complete the final, and we mail it right to your doorstep. The best part is that we even pay the shipping costs so you don't have to worry about a thing. This Virginia Driver Improvement course is everything you need to clean up your driving record, so log on right now and start racking up your Virginia 5 safe driving points today!

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