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Non-Resident VA Driver Safety Course

Online Traffic School
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* Plus $5.00 State and Certificate Processing Fee
Virginia State Approved

This course is approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, so it fulfills all of the requirements that are necessary for to dismiss any traffic ticket in Virginia you have received.

The great thing about taking a web-based traffic school course is that you have the freedom to work on it whenever it's convenient for you, so you don't have to worry about trying to rearrange your schedule.

Courses Available
  • Virginia Driver Improvement Course - Non Resident $34.95*
    This ticket dismissal course is for anyone who is out-of-state and has been ordered by the court to take a traffic school course to get rid of a Virginia traffic ticket.

Traffic Ticket in Virginia Dismissal Course

Getting a traffic ticket is the pits, especially when you have a non resident Virginia license. No one wants to have to spend their free time sitting in a boring classroom or lecture hall listening to a driving instructor lecture you on the mistakes you have made. We understand that your free time is very valuable, which is why we have created this ticket dismissal course that is all done online.

Dismiss unwanted tickets online now

This course is so great because like the internet, it's always there so you have the flexibility you need to work around your busy schedule. Your time and money are very important, so you shouldn't have to waste either of them. This is why we keep our traffic school course price so low.

This course is offered to anyone who has unwanted tickets, whether you have a non resident Virginia license or not, so log on right now and get started today

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