Remove Traffic Violation Points from NJ Driving Record

How to Remove Traffic Violation Points from NJ Driving Record

Ordinarily, points are a good thing. In most sports, the team with the most points wins. But when it comes to your driver record, points can spell out trouble. New Jersey Traffic Violation Points All states operate on a “point system,” meaning that for many...

Reckless Driving in Texas

Understanding Reckless Driving in Texas

“Reckless driving” in Texas is defined as “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” This definition may seem a bit broad. In reality, reckless driving can encompass a large number of actions on the road, such as excessive speeding, haphazard lane-changing,...

Traffic Ticket Myths

5 Common Traffic Ticket Myths Debunked

Traffic tickets are a reality for every driver, but using tricks to try and get out of them is never a good idea. Below are five misconceptions many drivers have when it comes to citations. Myth #1: You’re allowed to speed if you’re going with...

Avoid Speeding Tickets

Top Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are a natural part of the driving experience. At some point in your driving career, you will see those red lights flashing in your rearview mirror. The easy answer is, “Don’t speed.” But driving is never that simple. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond...

California Hands Free Texting

California’s New Hands-Free Texting Laws Makes Motorists Mad

When California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1536 into law last July, people either rejoiced or lamented. The controversial amendment to the Vehicle code legalized hands-free texting and emailing while driving. Obviously, half of the outraged public feels that this is encouraging driver distractions,...

New York Driver Violation Point System

The New York Driver Violation Point System Explained

If you’ve ever gotten a traffic citation in New York, you likely have also have accrued points on your driving record. And if that’s the case, you ought to know how they work—specifically, how they can hurt you, and what you can do to get...