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Defensive Driving Course Insurance Discount

Do It The Easy Way

This defensive driving insurance discount course is online and accessible from any computer with an internet connection, so it makes saving money easier than ever. You can work at your convenience without ever having to change your plans, and you can do it all from home.

State Approval

This course has been approved in your state, so by taking it you can receive a discount on your car insurance that lasts for 3 whole years and, depending upon your state's policies, keep points off your driver record or earn a point credit.

Defensive Driving Course Insurance Features:
  • State approval
  • A convenient online format
  • Unlimited attempts on the final exam
  • Fun and interactive multimedia features
  • Same-day processing and free shipping
  • An affordable price with no hidden fees

No High Prices

This defensive driving online course is designed to save you money, so it only makes sense to keep the price for it low. The initial price includes everything you will need to complete it and we guarantee you will never see any hidden fees.

Course Structure

There are eight different units that make up the defensive driving insurance discount course and they cover important driver-related issues with the help of interactive multimedia features. The graphics, videos, and animations keep you from getting bored and feeling overloaded with too much reading.

Shipped For Free

We process your certificate of completion the very moment you finish the defensive driving course insurance discount because we know you want to start reaping the benefits right away. It will be delivered right to your doorstep too and we pay for the shipping, so it doesn't cost you a thing.

Just Makes Sense

Everyone wants to save money every month, so it just makes sense to take a course that affords you the conveniences and flexibilities that you need. We have a customer support team too, so you can sign up online anytime you want.

Following States are the DMV, State/Court-Approved for Defensive Driving Courses:

State Certified