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Have Fun with your Driver's Ed Online!

Getting your driving learners permit is exciting, and taking your driver's education should be fun, too. With the Teen Driver Education online program, you can take the same state-approved course right from your house! You already sit in a classroom at school all day - why spend even more time with a textbook? Study when you want, and still have fun outside of school. It's so easy, and you'll get your driving learner's permit in no time!

All about the Course

Your Teen Driver Education online course is so easy, you'll forget you're doing work! There are short, simple chapters which you can complete at whatever pace you choose. You'll learn road signs and traffic laws that are specific to your state. At the end of each one, you'll take a quick multiple-choice quiz; after that, just pass the final exam and you're done! You'll get your drivers permit and be on your way to a full license. Plus, we pack a bunch of cool elements into your course, such as:

  • Expertly-created videos (rest your eyes from reading!)
  • 3D graphics and animations
  • Unlimited log ins/log outs (take as many breaks as you want!)


Plus - We Can Help You!

Just because you're taking your Drivers Ed online doesn't mean you're on your own in the process. We're standing to answer any question you may have! Call our Support team any time, or shoot an email through our messaging feature. We'll get you the answer!