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Approved Traffic School

Traffic ticket dismissal - if you've never gotten a traffic ticket, you may not know it, but you can have it dismissed in many cases if you take a course through an approved traffic school. The courses offered by are allowed by many courts nationwide to be used for traffic ticket dismissal, and are also considered an DMV traffic school online alternative to traditional classroom defensive driving courses. That means you can use our course for other things besides traffic ticket dismissal. You may be able to take our course in place of a court-mandated defensive driving program, or to have points taken off your driver's license.

Another reason that many drivers are able to take our Defensive Driving Online courses is for insurance reasons. There are lots of auto insurance providers who will give drivers a discount on their car insurance premium for up to three years, as long as they take a driving safety refresher course through an approved traffic school. Some states specify a particular percentage discount or have a minimum age by law, but insurance companies are free to go above and beyond what is required.

Many companies do, too - it varies depending on where you live, what your driving record has been, and which company provides your insurance. The best way to find out whether taking our course can result in cash in your pocket is to contact your provider and check. Who knows - if enough people ask, maybe your insurance company will add this feature if they do not have it already!

When you take a Online Driving School course with DD, all you need is a computer with Internet access. You won't be installing the course on your computer, so you can even use a public or shared machine, like those at the public library or school computer lab. What matters is that you get registered and get started!

Click the Register Now button and enroll now, and you could be working on Defensive Driving School online course material just minutes from now. Or, if you have questions, contact our 24-hour Customer Support department by phone or email. We'll make sure you have what you need to get going. Call us today!

Following States are the DMV, State/Court-Approved for Defensive Driving Courses:

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